BioDesign Line

The BioDesign line has an innovative concept and offers the plastic surgeon the possibility of choosing the silicone implant according to the biotype of the patient. It takes into account the measurements of the breasts to define the basic measurement of the prosthesis.


Studies indicate that the type of implant surface can directly influence the outcome of the procedure. Silimed offers two surface
options for breast implants:

Silimed Breast Implants POLYURETHANE Surface


  • Low rate of capsular contracture of 1% in 10 years.¹
  • The 3D collagen matrix formed interwoven within the polyurethane foam causes a Velcro-like adhesion.²
  • Its adhesion ability reduces the risk of rotation and displacement.²
Silimed Breast Implants True Texture Surface


  • Own texturing method with formation of open pores in the shell, without using negative printing, sugar or sodium chloride.
  • Low risk rate of capsular contracture of 8,7% in 9 years.³ Other manufacturers report rates of up to 17% over 10 years in primary breast augmentation surgery.⁴

Filling Gel

Soft enough to simulate the feeling of the natural breast tissue, and firm enough to maintain the shape of the implant. The implants of the BioDesign line have the HSC + gel that shapes the body and maintains the natural appearance.

  • High Performance Cohesive Gel.
  • Degree of penetration: more consistent.
    (The lower the degree measured, the greater the consistency of the gel)
  • Higher index of integration of the gel with the shell.⁵
  • Maximum gel elasticity index.⁵
  • Greater format stability.⁵
Silimed Breast Implantas Cohesive Gel


There are 5 types of implants with different profiles in the BioDesign line.


Round base & conical profile

  • Super projection
  • For high lap and young breasts


Round base & spherical profile

  • Higher projection
  • For marked breasts


Round base & tear drop profile

  • Naturally enlarged and corrected breasts
  • For reconstruction after mastectomy surgery


Oval base & anatomical profile

  • Superior pole filling
  • For tall, thin women with long, narrow chest


Oval base & anatomical profile

  • Inferior pole filling
  • For women with short and wide chest
Disponível nas superfícies:

Pure Polyurethane
True Texture


BioDesign implants offer the best projection on the market and a perfect volume
distribution x base:

  • 4 Projections (LO, MD, HI, XH) per base.
  • Higher projection (Measure C) and longer arc length (Measure D) when compared to competitor’s implants with approximate bases.

  • Greater projection with smaller dimensions and volume. For competing brands to present the same projection, they need to increase the dimensions of the base and volume of the implants.
  • Better volume distribution to avoid mechanical complications of an excessively heavy implant in the long term


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  • Product information available in the FLH 108 R03 - Product catalogue