Facial Implants (Chin)

Silimed produces facial implants, such as the Chin Implant and the Anatomic Chin, with an exclusive design that has characteristics (shape, hardness and surface) and reproduces the anatomy of the facial area.
With a low rate of complications and a non-apparent external scar, Chin implants are indicated for reconstructive and cosmetic surgery because they improve balance¹ and restore youthfulness to the jawline².

Chin Implant

It is made of medical grade silicone elastomer and has a rounded shape with perforations to fix the connective tissue.

Silimed Facial Implants Mento Shape

Anatomic Chin Implant

It consists of medical grade silicone elastomer, covers the entire lateral expansion of the chin and has a reinforced flange on the inside for the fixation of the suture.

Silimed Facial Implants anatomical Mento Shape


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