Implants for Body Contouring

To meet the needs of plastic surgeons, whose vocation is to promote the well-being of their patients, Silimed offers a complete line of body contouring implants, developed in collaboration with renowned surgeons. These are unique models that adapt to the buttock and calf regions and better simulate the tissues in these target areas. This line of products stands out in the market for the technology used and the high security profile.

Gluteal Implants

Only Silimed gluteal implants have the perfect combination of base and projection dimensions that harmoniously adjust to the anatomy of the region, providing a satisfactory result for the patient.

These products are manufactured with a durable elastomer membrane filled with 100% medical grade high performance silicone gel. Because it is a region that experiences constant impact and pressure, the gel has a consistency and hardness developed to resemble the tissues in the area and maintain strength.

Silimed Body Contouring Implants Shape Gluteus Quartz

Quartzo Gluteal

It has an oval base, high projection and smooth opaque surface, obtained through differentiated technology. The Gluteal Quartzo implant is indicated for those who have a hip shape, where the height is greater and the width less.

Silimed Round Gluteus Shape Body Contouring Implants


It has a round base with a smooth, shiny surface. Ideal for those with a hip shape, where the height and width are similar.

Calf Implants

Designed to approximate the anatomy of the region with an asymmetric base, it is filled with a high performance silicone gel with the ideal consistency for the intended area. It is indicated to correct inequalities or irregularities in the legs.

Silimed Calf Shape Body Contouring Implants