Nostril Retainer

In order to meet market demand and requests from plastic surgeons around the world, Silimed presents its Nostril Retainer line.

Silimed Nostril Retainer

Using state-of-the-art technology, its exclusive design provides a series of advantages to the patient, such as: maintaining the septum in a vertical position, erasing the memory of the ectopic cartilage, enabling nasal breathing in the immediate postoperative period, without obstructing the air flow. It is easy to sanitize and sterilize, facilitating the post-operative procedure and maintaining constant results.

Silimed Nostril Retainer Illustration

Silimed Nostril Retainer is indicated for:

  • Rhinoseptoplasty
  • Rhinoseptocheiloplasty
  • Aesthetic and restorative post-rhinoplasties
  • Primary and secondary rhinocheiloplasty (cleft patients)

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