Nostril Retainer

In order to meet market demand and requests from plastic surgeons around the world, Silimed presents its Nostril Retainer line.

Silimed Nostril Retainer

Using state-of-the-art technology, its unique design provi­des a number of advantages to the patient: vertical septum maintenance, position enables nasal breathing of the patient in immediate postoperative period, not obstructing the air flow. lt is easy to clean and is designed for continuous use, for a period of approximately 6 months, and may be replaced by another nasal modeler of a larger size, according to the growth of the nose.¹³

The Nostril Retainer is intended for the prophylaxis of ste­noses and scarring contractures. Single-use, it is indicated for ali age groups and nose types (Caucasian, Negroide, and Oriental).

Silimed Nostril Retainer Illustration

The Nostril Retainer is designed to:

  • Septoplasty;
  • Primary surgeries of rhinoplasty (unilateral cleft lip).

The Nostril Retainer stands out because it presents a series of characteristics such as: shape, hardness and surface that best support and adapt the anatomy of the areas of the face. lt is available on the smooth surface in silicone elastomer.

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  • Product information available in the FLH 108 R03 - Products Catalog - DIST