ChinLine Anatomical Shape

Anatomical Shape


  • anatomical basis
  • Covers full lateral chin expansion


  • Constructed of medical grade silicone elastomer
  • for reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries
  • features a reinforced tongue on its inner surface for suture fixation

Available on surfaces:

  • Smooth

Chin Line

It is made of medical grade silicone elastomer, covers the full lateral expansion of the chin and features a reinforced tongue on its inner surface for suture fixation.

Facial Implants Chin Line Anatomical Shape


Silimed Facial Implants Smooth Surface


Studies indicate that the type of implant surface can directly influence the outcome of the surgery:


Made of a mechanically resistant silicone elastomer membrane with low-bleed treatment, which contributes to less transudation of the gel.

Silimed Differential

Silimed produces facial implants, such as the chin implant and the anatomical chin implant, which are indicated for mentoplasty, aesthetic or reconstructive surgeries, whose purpose is to correct and harmonize the face, providing a natural contour. Often this procedure is performed in association with rhinoplasty or rhytidoplasty surgeries, providing a perfect combination to the final result.