This line is a classic round breast implant option.


For the standard line of breast implants, Silimed offers three surface options: Pure Polyurethane, True Texture and Smooth.


Patented texture method with the formation of open pores in the membrane without the use of negative printing, sugar or sodium chloride.Low capsular contracture rate of 8% in 9 years³. Other manufacturers report rates of up to 17% in 10 years in clinical studies.


Made of mechanically strong silicone elastomer membrane with low bleed treatment, which contributes to less gel exudation.

Filling Gel

Standard line implants have HSC gel:

  • High performance cohesive gel;
  • Degree of penetration: 2 and 3
    (The lower the measured grade, the higher the gel consistency)
  • Increase in the integration rate of the gel with the membrane²


The implants of this line have exclusively the maximum shape with a round base, a spherical profile and a medium post. Suitable for patients who want to correct, enlarge, have marked and completely full breasts.


Round base and spherical profile

  • Increased projection
  • For marked breasts


Standard line maximum breast implants with the True Texture surface have an extra high projection. The implants on the surface with Pure Polyurethane are available in high projection. And smooth-surfaced implants offer extra high projection.


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