Standard Line

Maximum implants

Silimed has the best and biggest line of rounded mammary implants in the market. The Maximum implants by Silimed are mammary prostheses with maximum projection.

An exclusive line of rounded implants (MAXIMUM). Made up of low-bleed shell and filled with high performance gel, they offer more elasticity and firmness.

Maximum 30621
Maximum 20621
Maximum 20621 extra high

Fotos: Standard Maximum Implants

Important information:
  • • The dimensions and volumes described on the tables are approximate values.

  • • Before using the product and to obtain more information, we recommend reading the use instructions contained on the package.

  • • Silicone may display a variation in color, from opaque gray to translucent yellow.

  • • It is important to have a spare product available during the surgical procedures.

  • • The prostheses are provided sterile.

HSC - High Strenght Cohesive
silicone gel
  • • High Performance Cohesive Gel.

  • • Penetration degree: 2 and 3. the lower the degree, the higher the consistence of the gel).

  • • Higher degree of integration between the gel and the shell.¹

1 – STEVENS, W.GRANT et al. Nine-Year Core Study Data for Sientra’s FDA-Approved Round and Shaped Implants with High-Strenght Cohesive Silicone Gel. Aesthetic Surgery

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