PSPS - Silimed Product Replacement Program

Your choice of SILIMED will provide you the tranquility of purchasing a safe and quality product, and also offers you a product replacement program in case of rupture of mammary implants due to manufacturing defects or capsular contracture of Baker degrees III or IV.

After its placement, the silicone implant is naturally enveloped by a tissue capsule, which is a normal reaction of the organism. In some patients, this capsule becomes vigorous enough to harden the breast and even modify its shape, granting an anti-aesthetic and hardened shape, also sometimes, painful. Therefore, it is a reactive manifestation of the organism to the presence of a foreign body, isolating it through the tissue layer formed on its surroundings, known as fibrous capsule or fibrotic capsule. This reaction of the organism is known as capsular contracture. There are four degrees, according to the Baker classification, and the coverage of our program contemplates degrees III and IV.

The success of an augmentation mammaplasty surgery occurs due to not only the quality and characteristics of the product chosen – the implant – but also the orientation provided by the plastic surgeon, both in pre and post-operative periods. Silimed Indústria de Implantes Ltda. has been in the market for 39 years, globally recognized by the safety and quality of its products and its partnership with the surgeons, in order to manufacture implants that better answer the individual needs of its patients, as well as the experience, science and technology involved in the whole process, from design to manufacturing of the products. Our biggest interest is your satisfaction and your well-being.

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Silimed is connected with you!

The Silimed products are always monitored, even after their commercialization.

In order to keep in touch with you, we ask you to fill out the personal registration form. Through this channel, we can keep you informed about our company and products, in addition to the execution of researches and the compilation of information to improve our processes and products, always with the intention of improving our service rendered to doctors and clients. Do not forget to always keep the patient card submitted with the product with you. It will be delivered to you during or after surgery by your surgeon.


Patient card

With the intention of offering even more safety, each box of our implants is submitted with a patient card. The surgeon, or their team, puts tags on the card with the serial numbers, reference and volume used in each implant. We suggest that the card is always kept by the patient who has undergone the silicone implant surgery, because it can help in cases of: mammography exams or mineral bone densitometry. If the patient wishes to have a prosthesis exchange surgery, it will assist the surgeon during the choice of the implant.

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