Facial Implants


Facial beauty comes from symmetry and harmonious proportions.

The chin plays a critical role in the aesthetic perception of the face. Because it is relatively centrally located near the nose, it affects the harmony of the frontal and profile view of the face.1

Silimed relaunches the line of Mento implants, employing innovative technology and unique design to enhance facial contour, providing aesthetic rejuvenation and giving a more harmonious look to the face.

The new Mento line is recommended for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, using a safe and simple procedure for patient satisfaction.2 This is because it has a series of features that promote a more harmonious shape to the face, with a surface and rigidity that reproduce perfectly, the anatomy of this very peculiar area.

Its low complication rate and non-apparent external scar, besides promoting a highly effective result in the reconstruction of the chin area, promotes a consistent change in physiognomy and restores patients' self-esteem.


The Mento Implant is made of medical grade silicone elastomer and has a rounded shape with perforations to fix the connective tissue.


Mento Anatômico Implant is made of medical grade silicone elastomer, covers the full lateral expansion of the chin and has a reinforced strip on its inner face for the suture of fixation.

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