Body Contour


Perfect combination.

Only the Silimed gluteal implants have the perfect combination in the dimensions of base and projection, that adjust harmonically and anatomically to the gluteal region of the body, providing a satisfactory result to the patient.

Silimed developed an exclusive model, the Quartz gluteal, a reference implant with the best aspects of gluteal implants, enabling a very natural aesthetic result.


Presents an oval base with high projection. The choice of the model depends on the clinical assessment of the surgeon associated to the desire of the patient. The smooth opaque surface is obtained through a unique technology.


APresents a rounded base, smooth shiny surface and is filled with high performance cohesive silicone gel, in an ideal consistence for the region.

*The gluteal implants - were developed both for the female audience and the male audience, reaching a higher gluteal projection and resulting in a higher degree of satisfaction and the improvement of the patient's life quality.

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