Biodesign Collection

Biodesign is a line of mammary implants developed by SILIMED to provide customized solutions to each woman's biotype. The great diversity in shapes and sizes allows the surgeon to provide a customized result to the patient, respecting the specific characteristics of each patients, according to the choice of model of silicone prosthesis.

The biggest difference of the Biodesign line is the innovative concept presented to the market by Silimed. In this product line, the surgeon makes the choice of the silicone prosthesis models according to the measurements of the patient's breasts, choosing the correct size of each mammary implant. The Biodesign line offers five models, with four different projections for the same base, which makes the volume of the implant a consequence of this decision.

Developed especially to match the biotype of the patient


The highest projection available, without showing the rounded appearance of the implant.

Surface available:


Natural shape of a breast. For the patients who wish to have volume with a more natural appearance.

Surface available:


Ideal for tall women with narrow chests. The upper part of the breasts is naturally filled.

Surface available:


Ideal for women with wider chests. Corrects the space between the breasts.

Surface available:


Complete projection, fills the volume of the breast, keeping a natural appearance.

Surface available:

Surface available: Pure Polyurethane e  True Texture

For each type of format, there are four different projections for the same base size.

XH | extra high
HI | high
MD | moderate
LO | low

Photos: illustrative photo of the mammary implants Maximum

HSC – High Strength Silicone
silicone gel

Biodesign Line Gel

A line developed for different biotypes, with 5 shapes and 4 projections, available with the surfaces Pure Polyurethane and True Texture.

  • • High Performance Cohesive Gel.

  • • Penetration degree: 1 (the lower the degree, the higher the consistence of the gel)

  • • Higher degree of integration between the gel and the shell.¹

  • • Maximum rate of gel elasticity.¹

  • • More stability of the Shape.¹

  • • Higher rate of resistance to gel fracture.

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2 - BRIAN M KINNEY, MD – Silicone Gel Breast Implants: Science and Testing - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal – 2014

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